Edwin Coe LLP (England-Wales): Covid-19: Re-opening Workplaces

Occupational Health & Safety Risk Assessments

Our partner firm, Lincoln Occupational Health can provide a package of Occupational Health and Safety expertise to support employers to re-open their business, while complying with current guidance and legislation in relation to Covid-19.

Lincoln Occupational Health is offering a 6-month package of support comprising of the following:

  1. Pre-risk assessment readiness questionnaire
  2. Risk assessment development in conjunction with the business
  3. Briefing documents – for employers, HR, workers and facilities
  4. Poster pack
  5. Assessment checklist to support managers of workers who continue to be ‘temporarily’ working from home
  6. Monthly review calls for 6 months.

It occurred to me that this package might be of interest to you and your company as your start to plan to move your workforce out of lockdown. More information about the package is available to read here >>

For more information or to discuss your specific requirements, do contact Katie Eastwell, Managing Partner of Lincoln Occupational Health on 0844 481 0093 or email enquiries@lincolnoccupationalhealth.co.uk.

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