Obermayer (Pennsylvania): Delays and Suspensions of Government Contracts as a Result of the Coronavirus

In light of the ongoing national emergency arising from COVID-19, also called the Coronavirus or the Wuhan virus, we wanted to take a break from our ongoing series on bid protests to address the impact of the coronavirus on ongoing government contracts. Outside of vital projects related to public health and safety or national security, we expect that over the next week many government contracts will be formally or informally suspended for the duration of the Coronavirus quarantine period. Many government contractors will receive letters or emails ordering them to stop work on projects located on government facilities or that involve personal contact with government personnel. Others will simply be unable to continue performance due to a lack of critical personnel who are either ill, or in quarantine. This will raise inevitable questions as to who will bear the cost of such suspensions and delays. Here are some important factors to consider to protect your rights in this difficult time.

Read full article here.

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