Williams Parker (Florida): Addressing COVID-19: Employment Law Update

Given the ongoing concerns about the COVID-19 coronavirus (“COVID-19”) epidemic, employers in all fields want some practical guidance on how to address this situation. Regardless of field, employers should understand that there is a patchwork of intersecting laws that impact decisions they are and will be making as matters develop, touching on disease prevention safety steps, workplace attendance, wage and hour issues, leave rights and obligations, healthcare privacy, discrimination, harassment, and potential short-term layoffs.

We offer this general FAQ for the time being, which is based on the best information available as of today, March 17, 2020. It applies only to U.S. employers, primarily in Florida. Each situation will be fact-specific. As such, this FAQ         may not fully address all questions an employer may have. For particular questions, we are happy to assist employers as they navigate through these turbulent times.

Read the full article here.

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